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Natural Gas Piping Repair and Replacement

Natural Gas Piping Repair and Replacement

For most of us, natural gas is less expensive than electricity. It provides reliable heating and allows us to cook, dry the laundry, and keep refrigerators going. But its flammability and potential toxicity mean you need an experienced technician to install and service your home’s gas lines. 

Fortunately, our Mobile plumbers are licensed and trained to properly install and replace gas lines. Our gas plumber in Mobile will choose the right-sized pipe and fittings. If necessary, they’ll make modifications to the connection, install a new gas meter, and perform any excavation work. We’re trained in all safety measures, so there are no concerns during or after the job is completed.


Gas lines provide our homes with fuel and are an essential part of our everyday lives because they provide us with the power to cook meals, heat water, heat our homes, and more. The use of gas to fuel our home's equipment improves our lifestyle and comfort levels. Even though gas lines are important, many times they are overlooked until they break down or need maintenance. Because gas lines can get damaged and often go unattended, you want to make sure that your gas lines are properly repaired and maintained prior to a time when they are going to be used the first time or used heavily.

Gas line inspections are an important service you'll want to have done by our qualified technicians at Dyson Plumbing. This service will help you to ensure your gas lines are safe for you to use. We can offer you a number of services for your gas lines that will help you keep them in good working order and safe for your use, from inspection to repair and replacement or new installations for your new home.


Our gas line inspections offer you a way to ensure the gas line is intact and not leaking. There are many valves and pipes along your gas line, as well as connections that can come loose, get rusted, or get damaged due to impact. With any one of these problems, the situation can soon become dangerous for you in your home.

If you believe you have gas line damage of any kind and that your lines may be leaking, you need to remove yourself and all other occupants from the home and call your gas service provider or 911 right away because it only takes a spark to make a gas explosion and breathing gas filled air that's trapped in your home can result in death.

While the gas company will make repairs at the gas meter and up the line, you'll be responsible for repairs past the meter and throughout your home. That's where we come in at Dyson Plumbing.


Our Mobile gas lines provide gas to allow us to cook meals as well as provide heat to our homes during the colder months. You can save a large amount of time and money by making sure that you hire a highly knowledgeable and trained professional for the job. You should never try to perform any type of gas line repair by yourself, especially if you are not a licensed plumbing professional.


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  • Natural Gas Lines
  • Gas Line Replacement
  • Commercial Gas Lines
  • Residential Gas Lines
  • Repair Gas Tanks
  • Gas Line Installation
  • Propane Gas Line
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All of our technicians are thoroughly trained to provide service according to our industry's highest quality standards. We are also committed to providing every customer with quality work that's backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on workmanship. We make it a point to serve our clients with a personal touch, giving the best we have to offer in every way possible. Customers receive service on the same day we receive their call, and we offer prompt, professional plumbing for any type of issue including leaking pipes, blown water heaters, and difficult to remove drain clogs.

We're fully equipped with some of the best stocked trucks in Mobile, which helps us to be not only efficient, but also helps our customers to save time and money

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